I’m driven by …

I’m driven by ambition.

I’m always interested in the arts. The topic of ‘arts’ itself is generic; broken down into various sub-categories. For example: visual,performing,literal and etc.. Although I won’t talk about why I’m interested to pursue arts management(and fine arts.hopefully), I’ll share my core interest(s) in what I hope to explore and writing a thesis on.

1) Emergence of new, and young contemporary arts in Southeast Asia scene and how they can contribute to respective distinct national arts identity/culture. With concentrated interest in arts scene of Thailand,Malaysia,Singapore and Vietnam.

2) Independent and alternative arts spaces movement and sustainability.

3) Western school of thoughts in contemporary Asian arts.

to be continued…. 


This is (few) possibilities where I see myself in the 5 years down the road. 

1) Being paid pittance as an intern for an arts organizations with loads of side volunteering jobs just for the sake of beautifying your portfolio.

2) Working part-time in an unknown company, saving up for further studies.

3) Studying in LASALLE B(A) Arts Management. Suffering during weekends to financially sustain myself.

4) As a student of NAFA Art (teaching).

5) Studying at SIM (logistics)/SIT (hotel admin)/Murdoch university(PR)

6) Dead (hopefully not)

Attended Pink Dot last week……. there’s nothing much to update. Kind of sad when you’re (literally) alone for events such as this. Mixed feelings – of depression and joy – (talk about contradiction). I saw him (no, not alex). He was with 2 (new) friends (from social media platforms) both of which (apparently) were alone too. Thus, the 3 solo guys came as trio. Nice that I finally get to see him in person. That feeling.

Baybeats 2012 couldn’t be anymore awesome. Trust me, to those of you who doubted/looked down on local/regional indie music scene, you would take back your words. Pastel Lite was the (personal)best. Second to that was none other then Great Spy Experiment. Other notable acts were In Each Hands a Cutlass, King Ly Chee, Love Me Butch, START OF THE DAY, The Trees & The Wild and Urbandub (I hated the pinoy crowds though). 

Life.Body.Existence exhibition opening night was exhilarating. Getting the experience to get credited for a successful final-year project was accomplishing. Unlike NOISE exhibition, audiences do noticed my artwork. It gives you confidence to further yourselves into the (not-so thriving) art scene.    

Him. It’s him. I’m missing him.




Internship opportunities lost. All thanks to the compulsory NS. My plans to work with arts organization had to be postponed till I ORD (which is 2 years). I’m not patient enough to wait. I’m already deprived of the chance to study fine arts/design. Now, wait another 2 years and maybe, if I’m  THAT unlucky enough, will have to put education on hold and work(parents who are not responsible enough to save for their offspring’s future).

Anyway, upcoming events

1) Baybeats 2012(which came,surprisingly earlier). WOOO!!!!!

2) Life.Body.Existence exhibition (second time exhibiting).

3) SIBF(maybe volunteering)

4) PINKDOT 2012!!!!! 


I like you, really…

But there’s no way I could ever tell you the feelings I have for you..

I’m never normal, right?

Jealousy sets in when someone your silent rival or you like, achieves something you know you’ll have a hard time trying to well, achieve.

Really, had to pour out my thoughts. Who am I kidding? He’s not gay. He’s friendly but that’s too general. Sincerity,protective,mature,hardworking and goal-oriented from what I observed.

You’re drunk, he took pity and accompany you to your room. Which friend doesn’t?

He talks to you to cheer you up and to make sure you don’t feel left out. Which friend doesn’t?

He puts up with your shenanigans.Forgiving you like it never happens. Which friend doesn’t?




where’s your fucking goals?

Forgot all these and continue pursuing your passion in fine arts/design.

Maybe he’ll be impressed.



Education isn’t depressing. However, the inability to communicate,express and socialize with people around you probably  are main causes of social awkwardness. That silence that follows the moment you step inside the room. I don’t wanna alienate myself but I have too.I hate school.Period.


Spent an hour in the airport with a book about Southeast Asian Textiles. Walking around the airport, sitting down at various places in the airport watching the world goes by; it’s kind of therapeutic.

Liberation Short-lived

With exams now out of my mind albeit only ONE paper(in my favor), now the gentle scent of freedom excites my sense of smell.

Gonna try to cool down my thoughts down and enjoy the remaining days of the week. Vacation Project Period commences next week, that – pretty much explains the title of this post. Projects gonna leach my brain juice and every ounces of sanity left within me.

Actually, having a hard time trying to figure out what I’ve intended to write. Can’t remember so I’ll highlight some things.

1) Jerome and the rest are back from internship. Hoping that semester 3.2 will be pleasing. Can’t stand him(tell you more next time).

2) There’s Malacca trip to look forward to

3) Baybeats 2011 was awesome.

4) Gonna compile a shopping list soon. Among things that I really want are Polaroid SX-70 and a Pinhole camera.

5) Gonna keep this blog. Need somewhere to write my thoughts down.

And I felt better after writing this impromptu post.

New-Age Hipster?

Alright apart from the fact that I,literally, have nothing to do, random blogging does clear all those accumulated weekdays stress.

So, here’s the thing,

1) I spent my life away looking for alternative/indie/non-mainstream or whatever ‘never-been-heard’ terms music you wanna use. Something new to listen to, not because it’s cool/mainstream or trying to pose off as different.

2) I watch foreign/indie films.

3) I love fine arts and I really do. Books,internet, art museums are my drugs.

4) How I spent my Saturdays : gigs,reading, stay at home or movie as opposed to clubs.

5)History(general),museums,lomography/photography,graphic designs,illustrations and fashion design really appeals to me.

6) I don’t do dress ups(no skinny jeans, wonderful graphics on t-shirts or over-sized shades)

Theoratically, do I sound hipster-like?

Or in reality, am I one(not visually)?


Again, I was told by my human elders, that I should be pursuing higher education(college),

Few things that I would like to highlight:

1) Now, why would I want to waste 3 years AGAIN doing something of least interest.

2) And a local college ONLY? Come on….

3) My academic results is mediocre. Trust me on this, Engineering makes me look stupid. Creativity,aesthetics and liberal curriculum doesn’t react very well to Engineering.

Here’s a fine example, revision time in school library often ends up with me reading something non-academic related.

Really, I’m begging to be enrolled in an Art school.